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My Recommended Companies

I’ve purchased SARMs from practically every vendor that delivers to my country.

The number of these companies selling wholly bogus or underdosed SARMs with fake CoAs and false claims is ridiculous. The outside world is a nightmare.

I’ve created the recommended list as a result. I have personally confirmed all of the companies on this list through laboratory testing. After contacting the businesses, they consented to provide me with access to their coupon codes, enabling you guys to purchase your goods at a lower cost. Fantastic, right??

P.S. Since I’ve evaluated the majority of businesses available, feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns you may have. I’ll do my best to assist you!

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Swiss Chems is my go-to source for SARMs; use coupon SG10 to save 10%, which is the largest discount available.

One of the top providers of US-based SARMs, Peptides, and SERMs available today is this New York-based company.

In 2023, Swiss Chems ought to be your first pick.

Pros of Swiss Chems:

Several methods of payment (Zille, Credit/Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Crypto, etc.)

  • An enormous assortment of goods (Kratom, SARMs, SERMs, and Peptides, etc.)
  • Every product has undergone HPLC testing, and lab reports from third parties are attached next to it.
  • Peptides, SARMs, and SERMs with high purity (99%+; the best available) and quick shipment
  • Excellent customer service (you may reach them by phone at any moment)


My second recommended supplier for SARMs is; utilize the code sarmguide10 to receive 10% off, which is their largest discount.

A US-based company called sells PCT products, peptides, nootropics, SARMs, and more.

They are highly credible and among the top options available. I can personally attest to the high caliber of their offerings.

Pros of

  • An enormous assortment of goods
  • incredibly dependable goods
  • Quick delivery and client service
  • Great scientific history.brand bio

Next Chems is my #3 source for SARMs.

Then Chems are a relatively new player in the SARMs market, but they’re already emerging as one of the most dependable options. They are a US-based business that engages in superior manufacturing.

They rank among the top options available.

Next up, chemists:

  • USA-based and producing PCT, Nootropics, SARMs, and other products
  • Very dependable and quick shipping
    Same-day dispatch
  • Outstanding client service

My source for SARMs #4 is Enhanced Athlete.

In the SARMs market, Enhanced Athlete is one of the most well-known brands. They’ve been incredibly dependable for a long time, and Tony Huge and Conor Murphy support them.

Improved Athletes:

  • American-owned and manufactured goods
  • Fantastic brand heritage and trustworthy merchandise
  • incredibly quick shipment
  • fantastic customer service
  • PCT, SARMs, and other items

My #5 SARMs source is Chemyo; to receive 10% off, use the code sarmguide10, which is the highest discount available.

Chemyo is a well-known company in the SARMs industry that is growing significantly and solidifying their position as one of the most dependable options available. They are an American corporation that produces chemicals with a purity of 99% or higher.

Everyone should choose them because they are a reliable and secure option (they don’t ship to Australia, though).

Pros of Chemyo:

  • dependable goods with exceptional purity
  • Numerous additional items, including Nootropics
  • Same-day dispatch
  • based in the USA
  • fantastic customer service

Sports Technology Labs is my #6 SARMs company; use the code sarmguide15 to receive 15% off, which is the largest Sports Technology Labs discount available.

In the SARMs business, Sports Technology Labs is one of the best resources. They are a US-based business with what are arguably the most convenient payment options available, dependable customer service, and extremely affordable prices with volume savings.

Pros of Sports Technology Labs:

  • fantastic customer service
  • worldwide shipping
  • USA-sourced bottles
  • very simple ways to pay
  • dependable and quick shipment

My #1 supplier for SARMs is Biaxol Supplements; use code SG10 to receive 10% off, which is the largest discount they currently provide.

EU-based Biaxol Supplements is a company that offers PCT, nootropics, SARMs, and other products.

Because of their incredibly quick shipping, they are an excellent option, particularly if you live in Europe. In addition to offering a vast array of other items (PCT, Nootropics, and more), Biaxol sells high purity SARMs. The payment options offered by Biaxol (wire transfer, cryptocurrency, and credit card payments) are among their best features.

Pros of Biaxol Supplements:

  • excellent goods
  • recurring third-party testing
  • large assortment of goods
  • Quick international shipping
  • Excellent assistance
  • incredibly simple payments

Unverified SARMs sources

The following businesses are well-known in the field, although I haven’t used their products firsthand. I’m not sure how dependable and pure their items are as a result. Since I have confirmed the purity of their SARMs, I would highly advise choosing one of the five businesses I listed at the top of this article.

MJR Laboratories ,Madison James Research Chems, often known as MJR Laboratories, is a US-based business that offers SARMs, peptides, supplements, and other research chemicals that are made locally. They provide global shipping for their products and a large range of payment options.

MJR Laboratories

Disclaimer: SARMs and other similar research chemicals are meant for research purposes only. These compounds aren’t approved by the FDA. The information displayed on is just for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.