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RAD 140 - Testolone

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RAD-140 15mg
Capsule per container: 90
Amount per capsule: (15mg)
Half life: 12-18 hours

  • increases bone density
  • increases strength
  • increases testosterone
  • promotes weight loss
  • growth of lean muscle mass

Product Description

RAD-140 (TESTOLONE 1350 mg total)

A selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) being studied for potential use in the treatment of osteoporosis and muscle wasting is RAD 140, commonly known as Testolone. It has not been approved by the FDA for use or consumption by humans, and it is unknown how it will affect human health in the long run.

How does it work?

Similar to other selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), RAD 140 functions in the body by focusing on and binding to androgen receptors. Body tissues such as muscle, bone, and reproductive organs may all include androgen receptors. The interaction of RAD 140 with these receptors results in a series of chemical reactions that can improve bone density, athletic performance, and muscle growth.

SARMs like RAD 140 are intended to be more selective in their targeting of certain androgen receptors, in contrast to anabolic steroids, which can cause a variety of undesirable side effects due to their non-selective binding to androgen receptors throughout the body. This selectivity is anticipated to reduce the likelihood of adverse side effects while maintaining many of the benefits of anabolic steroids.

RAD-140 Dosage

RAD 140 was administered to participants in clinical trials at doses ranging from 0.1 to 30 mg daily. However, the majority of the results of these research, which used small samples of healthy individuals, were short-term.


The potential therapeutic advantages of RAD 140, like other selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), are being investigated. While the long-term consequences on human health are unknown, some of the possible advantages reported in animal and human research include:

  1. Increased muscle mass and strength: RAD 140 has been found in both human and animal studies to improve muscle mass and strength.
  2. Increased bone density: RAD 140 may assist to increase bone density, which may be advantageous for those who have osteoporosis.
  3. Reduced androgenic side effects: RAD 140 has a decreased likelihood of developing unfavourable androgenic side effects such acne, hair loss, and prostate enlargement than typical anabolic steroids.

Side Effects Of RAD-140

Although RAD 140 may have some potential benefits, the FDA has not approved its use for human consumption or use, and its long-term effects on human health are unclear. Like any dietary supplement or medication, RAD 140 has the potential for side effects, which include:

  1. Hormone imbalances: RAD 140 has the potential to interfere with the body’s regular hormonal balance, which could have serious adverse effects like reduced fertility and libido, the development of gynecomastia (male breast tissue), and mood disorders.
  2. RAD 140 may harm the liver, particularly when used in high doses or for an extended period of time.
  3. Heart attacks and strokes are two cardiovascular conditions that RAD 140 may make more likely.

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